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Top 5 Home Rowing Machines

The humble rowing machine may not be the most popular piece of exercise equipment in the world, but it can give you a very effective full-body workout. The rowing motion engages the muscles in your arms, core and legs which will help you tone and condition your entire body, and the rowing motion itself is a natural, real motion that can also help you train for rowing a real boat.

The rowing machine is a good choice if you want to exercise at home because it is easy to multi-task on the rowing machine and you can find some really good deals on rowing machines online. If you would like to learn  then read on for our guide to the top five rowing machines for home use!

Concept 2 Model D Review – Our Number 1

Concept 2This versatile rowing machine is all you need for a full body workout. Read on to find out more

  • This rowing machine comes with a performance monitor which will display important data such as the calories you burned during your workout as well as the speed, pace, distance and watts you have covered.
  • The Concep2 Model D (Shop now!) will increase or decrease the resistance based on how much effortyou are putting into your strokes. This gives you total control over the amount of resistance you are working against and how hard youwant to work out at any given time. There is also a spiral damper which allows you to change the resistance if you would prefer.
  • This rowing machines comes with footrests which you can adjust for a comfortable fit. This rowing machines also comes with a 10 degree bend handle which has been ergonomically designed to help you row without any unnecessary strain.Concept 2
  • The Concept2 Model D rowing machine can be easily taken apart at any time thanks to its quick-release mechanism which allows you to separate the machine without any tools or hard work!
  • This rowing machine can be connected to a free Concept2 app which, if you have a compatible smart phone, will provide you with additional feedback and it will also store all of your workouts so you can reach them in the future.
  • The Model D range are Olympic quality rowing machines which are heavy duty and especially designed for serious training.
  • This rowing machine offers heart rate monitoring if you have a compatible chest belt.
  • The Concept2 Model D rowing machine includes a five year warranty on the frame.


Features: Olympic Quality – Display Monitor – Adjustable Resistance – Adjustable Footrests – Ergonomic Handle – Quick-Release Mechanism – Compatible with Concept2 App – Heart Rate Monitor – 5 Year Frame Warranty.

Pricing: High-End.



Bodymax Infiniti Review – Number 2

Bodymax InfinitiThis rowing machine has more than enough workout programmes to keep you on track for the months and years to come. Read on to find out more!

  • The Bodymax Infinit R100 comes with a whopping 42 workout programmes which include four different pulse controlled workouts and one rowing race programme. This large selection of different workout programmes will help you pick your goals and stay motivated as you achieve them.
  • This cross trainer has sixteen levels of computer controlled resistance which ranges from thirty to three hundred watts.
  • The Boxymax Infiniti R100 has an extra strong and stable frame which has been designed to last.
  • This rowing machines allows even the tallest people to complete a full row.Bodymax Infiniti
  • The Bodymax Infiniti rowing machine can be folded if you need to store it out of the way.
  • The Bodymax Infiniti R100 has an optional heart rate transmitter which will wirelessly transmit your heart rate to the computer display screen so you can see how hard you’re working and keep track of your vitals.


Features:  42 Workout Programmes – 16 Controllable Resistance Levels – Strong & Stable Frame – Suitable For Tall People – Foldable – Heart Rate Transmitter.

Pricing: Mid-Range/High-End.



JTX Freedom Review – Number 3

JTX FreedomThis ergonomic rowing machine is strong, versatile and comes with a great warranty. Read on to find out more!

  • The JTX Freedom Air Rower has been ergonomically designed to promote good posture and back support.
  • This rowing machine uses a mixture of air and electromagnetic resistance to keep your workout as smooth as possible,
  • The JTX Freedom Air Rower features sixteen levels of resistance and eight training programmes which can help beginners and advanced users alike stay on top of their fitness goals.
  • The JTX Freedom air rower comes with a free chest strap which you can use to monitor your heart rate as and when you wish.
  • This rowing machine has been made out of reinforced aluminium and can hold anyone who weigh 130kg or less.JTX Freedom
  • TheJTX Freedom rowing machine includes transport heels and an easy fold system to help you wheel the machine away and put it into storage whenever you want.
  • This rowing machine comes with a two year warranty which includes free home repairs on all parts.


Features: Ergonomic Design – Smooth Workout – 16 Resistance Levels – 8 Training Programmes – Free Chest Strap – Easy To Store – 2 Year Home Repairs Warranty.

Pricing: Mid-Range.



V-fit Tornado Review – Number 4

V-fitThis rowing machine is a good choice for beginners, but it has plenty to offer the pros too. Read on to find out more!

  • The V-fit Tornado was built to last and with its robust steel frame it’s bound to succeed.
  • This rowing machine has an aluminium rowing rail which has been anatomically designed for extra smooth and realistic rowing motion. This rowing machine also features a padded seat for extra comfort.
  • The V-Fit Tornado has a speed-proportionate air fan which will match the resistance level to the amount of effort you put into your work out. It also comes with a specially contoured handle which will help you get the most out of your stroke action.
  • This rowing machine has a two page exercise monitor which will show you estimated calories burned and distance travelled in addition to your speed, stroke counter, stroke rate and time.V-fit
  • This rowing machine is fold-able and comes with integrated roller wheels to help you store the rower when you need to get it out of the way.
  • The V-fit can hold a maximum or 114kg. It requires AA batteries to function and it will come with all the tools you need to set the machine up.


Features: Robust Steel Frame – Anatomically Designed Rail – Speed Proportionate Resistance – Exercise Monitor – Integrated Roller Wheels – Comes With Tools.

Pricing: Mid-Range.



Viavito Sumi Review – Number 5

Viavito SumiThis rowing machine is a great choice for people who have limited space but still want a great full-body workout. Read on to find out more.

  • The Vivaito Sumi rowing machine comes with a clear LCD display which will keep you up to date with your time, distance, strokes and calories. This will help you work on any specific goals you might have and keep you up to date with your progress.
  • This rowing machine is foldable and comes with transport wheels so you can get it out of the way whenever you need.
  • The Vivito rowing machine has a comfortable ergonomic seat and large pedals with adjustable foot straps to keep you secure throughout the exercise.
  • This strong rowing machines has a tubular steel frame and can hold up to 120kg.Viavito Sumi
  • The Viavito Sumi rowing machine has ten levels of magnetic resistance and near silent operation. It also features a 7kg flywheel.


Features: LCD Display – Foldable – Transport Wheels – Ergonomic Seat – Adjustable Foot Straps – Tubular Steel Frame – 10 Levels Of Resistance – Quiet Operation – 7KG Flywheel.

Pricing: Mid-Range/Affordable.




All five of these rowing machines will give you a thorough full-body workout in the comfort of your own home. We would recommend any of these machines, but we do want to give a special mention to the Concept 2 Model D Indoor Rower with PM5 Monitor because it is an Olympic quality machine, you can control the resistance based on how much effort you put into your workout, the machine has been ergonomically designed for maximum comfort, this rowing machine comes with a quick-release mechanism which will allow you to take the machine apart quickly and easily so you can pop it into storage if needs be,  and it comes with a five year frame warranty.




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